7 hottest plastic surgery news of 2014

This post compiles the 7 hottest plastic surgery news that circulated the most widely on the Internet in 2014, as determined by the number of social media shares >>

#7 - Netizens accuse 2NE1’s Park Bom of further plastic surgery with recent appearance at airport

...However, with the photo of the singer released online, netizens gave notice towards Park Bom’s ear and speculated if she has received further plastic surgery. Comments on the Newsen article (via Nate) reads, “Did she take cartilage from her ear to get her nose done??????”, “Her ear looks weird, what happened??”, “Did she get work done again? Seeing her ear and the mask…” and “What are you hiding under the mask?”...

Social media shares: 35,000+ 


#6 - Woman’s Claims She Had Plastic Surgery To Add A Third Breast Likely A Hoax

... Consultant plastic surgeon and British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Nilesh Sojitra told BuzzFeed News:

“This is a clear case of a patient who should not have had surgery performed on her. Someone making this kind of request may have body dysmorphia disorder, or not have thought through the long-term consequences of such a surgery – she will now be scarred for life – and may have benefited from psychological evaluation rather than surgery. Additionally, the actions of the surgeon are unethical and they have acted in a way where no reasonable plastic surgeon would.”...

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#5 - Korean twin sisters both thought they were ugly so they had plastic surgery - when i saw the after photos whoa!

A Korean live reality show called ‘Let’s Beauty’ gave the opportunity to two twin sisters to undergo a series of sponsored operations. Going under the knife for cosmetic reasons has become quite normal today, it can provide a boost to ones self-esteem and confidence...

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#4 - Nothing's wrong with Renée Zellweger's face. There's something wrong with us

To be a female celebrity is to lose at every turn. Dare to age? Face-shame at best and be out of work at worst. Get noticeable plastic surgery on your face to combat the inevitable ageing? At best, you will be mocked for your narcissism and delusional attempts at hanging on to your youth; at worst, you’ll be out of work again. The continued evolution of our obsession with famous people has birthed a strange phenomenon: the bodies of total strangers are considered collective public property to be casually evaluated, critiqued ... and discarded...

Social media shares: 46,000+

#3 - This Incredible Animation About Plastic Surgery Might Make You Think Differently About Modern Beauty Standards

Fréderic Doazan and Vandy Roc created this amazingly twisted short film about body image and beauty standards. In it, an anatomical drawing gets botox, liposuction, breast augmentation, and pretty much any other surgery you can think of.

Update: the video is no longer available but you may scroll down to see the dynamic images.

Social media shares: 76,000+ 

#2 - Plastic surgery ad illegally uses Lee Min Ho photo
It is apparently suggesting that if you look like Harlem Yu, you should get surgery to look like Lee Min Ho, not to mention that this clinic is making an unsubstantiated claim that it COULD even make one look like Lee Min Ho...

Social media shares: 108,000+

# 1 - Ever Thought About Plastic Surgery? These 21 Disasters Will Change You Mind Forever

For some, they make it a quest to have the perfect face. And as Oogway from Kung Fu Panda have always said, “one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.” Here we have 21 examples of just that. Eyeballs beware!..

Social media shares: 356,000+

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