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How to Find the Best Double Eyelid Surgery Clinic in Singapore?

Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgeries among the Asian population. If you are looking to find the best plastic surgeon or oculo-plastic surgeon to do your double eyelid surgery in Singapore, you may wish to check out related reviews before making the decision.

We have gone through some of the double eyelid surgery singapore forum and we would expect that you would have probably done the same. It is clear that the information is all over the place and it's difficult to really decide on who is the best surgeon for you after reading all those forums. You will only need to short-list at least 2 for comparison and then choose one to proceed.

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double eyelid surgery singapore

1. How Much Does Double Eyelid Surgery Procedure Cost in Singapore?

In Singapore, non-incisional double eyelid surgery costs between SGD 3200 – $3500. Incisional double eyelid surgery costs about SGD 3800 – $4500.

Upper eyelid surgery: USD 1650 (SGD 2,280)

Lower eyelid surgery: USD 1650 (SGD 2,280)

2. Double Eyelid Surgery Singapore Reviews

Here is the list, arranged in no particular order.

January 2023 | Dr Colin Tham - Colin Tham Plastic Surgery Clinic
My double eyelid surgery with Dr Colin Tham went very smoothly as planned. The recovery process went exactly as how it was supposed to, and the results look so natural! I was nervous at first as I’ve never had a surgery before, but talking to Dr Tham helped erase my fears. From his demeanour and experience, I knew I was in good hands and it has really paid off.

December 2022 | Dr Colin Tham - Colin Tham Plastic Surgery Clinic
After much hesitation, I finally got my double eyelids done and I’m so glad I did it with Dr Colin Tham. He was extremely detailed, professional and transparent. He managed my expectations well and the results (several months post-surgery) have been very nice and natural-looking.

October 2021 | Dr Terence Goh - AZATACA Plastic Surgery Centre 
Got my double eyelids done using suture technique with Dr Terence Goh at AZATACA Plastic Surgery Centre last year in October 2021 and it has been about 2.5 months post op.

While there is still some residual swelling which I think can take up to 6 months for me to appreciate the final results, I have to say that I am already quite pleased with the current results.

I have also received a lot of compliments from others that my double eyelids were nicely done and they looked quite natural. I will not hesitate to recommend Dr Terence Goh to anyone who’s looking for a plastic surgeon highly skilled in double eyelids surgery.

Nurses (special shout out to Emily who attended to me the most) here are also professional and helpful, making the whole procedure feel comfortable.

I just hope that this suture technique can last as long as possible for me because I really love the results :)

January 2023 | Dr Samuel Ho - Allure Plastic Surgery
My double eyelids look AMAZING. I've never thought about doing surgery on my face before, but I have been unhappy about my monolids for as long as I can remember. The consultation with doc helped to clear my doubts, cos I was worried that it would hurt and my eyes would come out asymmetrical. But Dr Samuel was patient and showed me the eyelid design again on the day of the surgery. After that, I was given aftercare instructions (which I followed to a T cos I didn't want my eyelids to look lopsided), and after a few weeks eyelids came out PERFECT, once the swelling died down. Thank YOU Dr Samuel for all your help!!

January 2023 | Dr Samuel Ho - Allure Plastic Surgery
I came to Allure to see Dr Samuel for a second opinion for my droopy eyelid, and he was very patient and professional with me. Took me quite a while to go ahead with the ptosis correction procedure and once I went through with it, the staff walked me through the aftercare instructions to ensure that my sutures are well taken care of and will heal properly. Its been a few weeks now and I'm very glad to have had my eyelids corrected, I look more refreshed now than before and I can't thank the team here enough!

Dr Andrew Tay - Double Eyelid Surgery (Part I)

I've done my research of reading/vetting through thousands of forum comments and blog posts.

"Doctor Shen, Doctor Woffles Wu and Doctor Andrew Tay" were the 3 Top local choices when it comes to double eyelid surgery.

The reason why I chose Andrew Tay was because the lack of negative reviews!!

I meant like nil "ZERO" negative feedback, everyone is raving that he is patience, non pushy and how he is a perfectionist about his work.

Dr Andrew Tay - DoubleEyelidGirl.Blogspot.Com

25 yr old female blogger sharing her personal experience including the double eyelid surgery cost.

Personally, I am VERY insecure about my looks. So having a nice doctor is pretty important to me. I didn't want to deal with a doctor further criticising my looks. Plus, having a nice doc also puts you at ease :)
She also shared her results after 152 days post-surgery.

Double eyelid surgery Singapore
Image credit:

Dr Andrew Tay - Rachell Tan

2. How did I decide which doctor is trustworthy?
Read a TON of forums (directed from Google search)
Checked out their recommended doctors, especially those people who mention "I did my surgery with Dr XXYYZZ"

Dr Martin Huang Double Eyelid Surgery -

Female blogger who had a double eyelid surgery by Dr Martin Huang done 11 years ago (post was published in 2014).

I had a double eyelid surgery 8 years ago with Dr Martin Huang. He used the stitching method which is scarless and creates a natural appearance. The results are typically shorter lasting.

Dr Shen Double Eyelid Review - SkinnyShortCake.Blogspot.Com

Another female blogger sharing her personal experience with non-incisional method of double eyelid surgery by DR Shenthilkumar Naidu from Cambridge Medical Group.

Hello there! This post is dedicated to all desperate (or non desperate) curious souls out there who are seeking more information about Non-Incisional (DST double eyelid surgery) method of Double Eyelid Surgery, I would LOVE to help you and will try to be as detailed as possible. (:
Double eyelid surgery Singapore review
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Dr Woffles Wu Double Eyelid -
Hi everyone, I'm considering revise my double eyelid with Woffles Wu, any one has done double eyelid surgery with him? Please share your opinion please!I'm not satisfied with my current one cuz the crease is too narrow like 6-6.5mm, I like heavy makeup so...
Please Share ur opinion on how wide should the crease be? Which type of surgery to b done? I did the stitching method.

Dr Wong Gleneagles double eyelid -

Hi girls, Forums really helped me a lot in my research and care after my double eyelid surgery so now that I've done it, I'd like to give back! I did my surgery with Dr Wong Saw Yean at Gleneagles. He was a very nice man, but his receptionist was terribly rude. Impatient to answer questions, not willing to clarify, and whenever I wanted to understand more she would snap at me and answer me shortly and rudely. She also didn't tell me enough information for the after care (that's why reading forums helped a lot more). She didn't even tell me what to do after the removal of stitches until I asked her if I was still supposed to put on cold packs, to which she replied shortly "No what, you put warm pack. I already told you" which she NEVER did by the way.

Dr Wong Gleneagles double eyelid -

Mar 2011 - most Singaporeans go to this dr wong from gleneagles in which he does epi and double eyelids; I think the stitching method. He charges about 2k for dlb eyelid and 1k plus for the epi. The "epi" will help you get almond shaped eyes that curves in towards your nose. Dr wong supposedly (hearsay and double confirmed by some, and also revealed by dr wong himself -wth!!) did Fann wong's eyes years ago. He has 20 years of experience.

3. Best Double Eyelid Surgeon in Singapore

Below, we have also compiled a list of plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery centres with their related reviews in Singapore. Double eyelid surgery depends very much on the skill, training and experience of the surgeon. As it is a fine surgery, you may need to strike a balance between an older surgeon with many years of experience vs a younger surgeon with less experience; since vision, hearing, motion, and dexterity of a surgeon may inevitably decline with age, 

*We have also added their estimate age for your convenience. As it was difficult to find available information on the age of the plastic surgeons, we have made an estimate based on the year that they have completed their medical degree program. Most doctors would have completed their basic medical degree at an estimated age of 25 years old. For example, Dr Andrew Tay; graduated in 1989. So, current year (2017) minus 1989 = 28 years post-graduation. Therefore, his estimated current age is 25 + 28 = 53 yrs old.

1. Dr Andrew Tay - Novena Medical Centre

Dr Andrew George TAY. (Estimate Age*: more than 50 yrs old)
Novena Medical Center
10 Sinaran Drive #11-33, Singapore 307506

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2. Dr Woffles Wu - Camden Medical Centre

Dr Woffles Wu Tze-Liang (Estimate Age*: more than 50 yrs old)
Camden Medical Centre
#09-02, One Orchard Boulevard, Singapore 249615

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Woffles Wu Double Eyelid

3. Dr Shens - Shens Clinic

Dr Shenthilkumar Naidu (also popularly known as Dr Shens) (Estimate Age*: more than 45 yrs old)
Shens Clinic, 38 Irrawaddy Road #08-36
Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre , Singapore 329563.

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4. Dr Colin Tham - Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery 

Dr Colin Hsien-Jen THAM. (Estimate Age*: more than 50 yrs old)
304, Orchard Road, #05-06, Lucky Plaza, Singapore 238863

5. Dr Martin Huang - The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Dr Martin HS HUANG (Estimate Age*: more than 50 yrs old)
290 Orchard Road #20-01, Paragon, Singapore 238859

6. Dr Wong Saw Yeen - Gleneagles Medical Centre

Dr Wong Saw Yeen. (Estimate Age*: more than 70 yrs old)
Wong's Plastic Surgery Centre, 6 Napier Road,
#07-13, Gleneagles Medical Centre , Singapore 258499

Double Eyelid Experience with Dr Wong
Plastic Surgery - Which Dr to go to?

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