Filler injection gone wrong leads to decomposing nose

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It all started with a filler injection in September last year that was meant to raise her nose bridge.

But the seemingly simple procedure, done by a beautician, went wrong almost immediately.
Within two days, the skin on her nose turned completely black.

To this day, the 58-year-old divorcee is still undergoing treatment, even after spending most of the past year trying to rebuild her nose.

Jenny (not her real name) will always regret her decision to allow a medically untrained person to inject an unknown substance into her face.

It was not something she normally did. She used to go to doctors for aesthetic treatments.
But when her business failed, she could no longer afford to go to the doctor for treatments regularly.
She became a beauty consultant, selling beauty products. One day, a friend told her about someone who could do filler injections.

"I followed my friend to her shop just to have a look," said Jenny.

Initially, she did not plan to have anything done. But the beautician told her that her nose bridge needed to be enhanced and that she could pay for the treatment in instalments.

The first injection, using a filler called Natural Face, disappeared after a week.

The second injection, using the same product, was done with a "very long" needle, she said. No anaesthesia was given.

"When she pushed the needle in, it was quite painful and I told her to stop," said Jenny. But by then, the beautician had finished the injection.

That was around 5pm on Sunday. Three hours later, at around 8pm, she felt the skin on her forehead pulling upwards. It was slightly painful and her face was also red.

The next day, Jenny went to a general practitioner and was given some antibiotics and an antiseptic wash for her nose...

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