Fat-shaming plastic surgery billboard vandalized

JACKSON, MI – A billboard for a local plastic surgery office with the slogan "friends don't let friends muffin top" has been vandalized.

Image via: mlive.com

The billboard was spray painted to include "You're beautiful!" and the two muffins shown atop a pair of jeans were also given smiley faces. The slogan and the Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery office logo were spray painted over.

Jackson Police Deputy Chief John Holda said Monday morning his office had not received a report of the graffiti.

Tammy Nelis, office manager at Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery in Jackson, said the billboard in the 700 block of Brown Street was likely vandalized over the weekend. She said the spray paint appeared sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

"It's truly an unfortunate situation," Nelis said. "We'll be making a police report."

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery removed this advertisement, which drew criticism from several Facebook fans and community members. 

The billboard was put up in May after the plastic surgery practice, which has a Jackson location at 900 E. Michigan Ave.  and in Ann Arbor, took down a billboard in the Jackson area that members of the community and Facebook fans called "tasteless and "horrible."

The billboard Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery removed was located near the corner of Louis Glick Highway and N. Mechanic St. that showed two coffee cups, the smaller one with the letter B and the larger one with the letter D. The slogan on the ad read "Size matters."

Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery had previously said on the company's Facebook page that the muffin top billboard was intended to "get people to chuckle."

Nelis said the ad was not meant to be offensive and the vandalism was unexpected and the office is working to replace the vandalized billboard with the same advertisement.

Image via: mlive.com
Read more - http://www.mlive.com/news/jackson/index.ssf/2014/07/muffin_top_billboard_for_plast.html


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