Compare Plastic Surgeons in Singapore by Years of Experience

Choosing the right plastic surgeon for the right procedure is both a complex and challenging task.

The following is a list of plastic surgeons in Singapore arranged by their 'years of experience' based on the year that they have graduated from their medical schools. Therefore the ‘Years of Experience” are based on the years of experience after they achieved their basic medical degree (post medical degree, including the years as a plastic surgeon).

For example, Dr Erik Ang; graduated from with MBBS (NUS) in 1989. Therefore, his ‘years of experience’ will be 25+ years (post-medical degree).

More than 31 years
24 to 31 years
Less than 23 years

Plastic Surgeons in SingaporeYears of Experience
Sundarason Rajaratnam59+
Wong Kum Leng54+
Lee Seng Teik51+
Wong Saw Yeen47+
Chan Chi Chin46+
Chua Keng Chok46+
Walter Tan Tiang Lee43+
Foo Chee Liam42+
Yeap Choong Lieng40+
Tan Kok Chai40+
Fong Poh Him40+
Ngim Chin Kong Rexon39+
Marco Aurelio Faria-Correa38+
Harry Fok Wing Sang37+
Colin Song36+
Leslie Kuek Bak Kim35+
Lim Thiam Chye33+
Seah Chee Seng34+
Martin Huang Hsiang Shui31+
Hong Soo Wan30+
Khoo Kian Ming Andrew29+
Lim Jane29+
Vincent Yeow Kok Leng28+
Tan Bien Keem27+
Erik Ang Sze Wee26+
Chua Jun Jin26+
Tay Andrew George26+
Ng Siew Weng26+
Tham Hsien Jen, Colin24+
Ivor Lim Jiun24+
Karen Sng Wei-Ee21+
Cheong Ee Cherk20+
Tan Ying Chien19+
Marcus Wong Thien Chong20+
Lee Shu Jin19+
Ong Wei Chen19+
Ong Yee Siang19+
Woo Kok Yen Evan Lee18+
Por Yong Chen18+
Shenthilkumar S/O Sritharan Naidu18+
Chong Si Jack16+
Wong Chin Ho16+
Joethy Janna Vale15+
Leo Kah Woon15+
Mohamed Zulfikar Rasheed15+
Christopher Chui Hoe Kong15+
Terence Goh Lin Hon15+
Matthew Yeo Sze Wei14+
Chew Khong Yik14+
Timothy Shim Weng Hoh Timothy13+
Gale Lim Jue Shuang13+
Yap Yan Lin13+

Bear in mind that the plastic surgeon's 'years of experience' alone may not be truly reflective of the surgeon's skills and also how 'safe' is the surgeon. You will still need to merge other information that you have gathered from reliable sources in order to come to a decision. If you still have some doubt, it's better to delay the decision and make a better informed decision later then to make a wrong choice.

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