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Feb 2014 - 

I just did my surgeries at pitangui in korea. My face is still very swollen as its only the second day today, pm me for pictures


Dec 2012 - 
Hi, I am glad to share my operation to you and hope you have a nice operation. 

Last week I went to Shimmian Clinic in Korea then had a nose surgery. Now I want to share my experience to help you all. 

I find the information about other people had nose surgery in Korea because I want to get more information to prepare my nose surgery and choose a good doctor. 

Day 0 - The first day i arrived too late so they arranged that went to dormitory first 

Day 1 - I met Dr. Jung and had a nice consultation then surgery started at 2pm 

Day 2 & 3 - went to the clinic to wash the wound 

Day 4 & 5 - take a good rest in the dormitory 

Day 6 - Shopping 

Day 7 - went to the clinic for stitches and cleaning the wound, but the ears also had a little bit problems so can’t stitches today. I need to back the clinic tomorrow 

Day 8 - Ear stitches then Dr. Jung came to check my nose. He said good nose. I felt happy too. 

I stay 9 days in Shimmian and everyone nice to me, specially Cantonese translator whom take care all for me. They have a dormitory around W70000 per night and if you have a surgery will free one night in clinic, pick up you in airport etc. nice service. 

Dr. Jung can speak Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. So you can easy to talk with him what you want to do. 

However, I love my nose so much now.


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