Frankie Gao Ling Feng

SHANGHAI: Taiwan veteran singer Frankie Gao Ling Feng revealed Monday during a promotional event that he and his wife have decided to give themselves six months to work out their marital problems, reported Chinese media.

Gao is determined to save his marriage, and said he will even undergo cosmetic surgery to do so.

This news comes days after Gao's wife Jin You Zhuang was photographed behaving intimately with a younger man in a car.

Gao believes his wife had not been unfaithful to him but said this incident had forced him to confront his marital troubles.

The 61-year-old singer believes his wife's actions were driven by a desire to get back at him because he had focused too much on his career and had neglected her lately.

He had also fought with her on numerous occasions over her penchant for Facebook and cosmetic surgery.

They have now entered into an agreement to try and resolve their marital problems.

"She said she will observe me for three months and see if she wants to renew the [marital] contract.

"I said six months and hoped to get more time to gain her approval," said Gao, adding that there is no choice but to separate if things still don't work out after six months.

The thrice-married singer, who is best known for singing the Mandarin classic "Flaming Phoenix", said he has resolved to do whatever it takes to save their marriage.

Gao declared that he has decided to "go for a facelift and other minor cosmetic procedures" to show he is willing to accept his wife's affection for cosmetic surgery.

He said Jin, his wife of 16 years, has also taken steps to avoid fighting with him.

She had previously objected to him taking their son along on his television appearances but has since softened her position, saying that he can do so "since it is now summer vacation".

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