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Plastic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok / Hatyai)
"Just wana show you guys an update of my eyes.. Today is the 5th day of my Double Eyelid & Epi,..
Just removed my stitches"

Korean singer admits getting nose job

"While many Korean singers and actors have obviously undergone plastic and cosmetic surgeries on their teeth, eyes and nose when their before and after photos are compared, they would never admit publicly that they did go under the knife."

Plastic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok / Hatyai)
"Hi, my friend and i are going to bangkok soon to get a breast augmentation done. However, we were told by the surgeon that apart from sending in photos of our breasts, we need to send in full body pictures with our faces as well to get a more accurate consultation. Worst part: we have to take a video of our nipples going from soft to hard!  For those who have done boob jobs overseas before, is this the standard routine and is it safe?"

We are wondering why there are so many Singaporeans going to Thailand for Plastic Surgery? Its definitely SAFER to do your plastic surgery/surgeries in your home country! In case of any complication/s, it would be much faster to book an appointment with your local plastic surgeon rather than one who is in another country. Further, you would need to coordinate your flight and lodging. In the event of medical emergency e.g. post-operative infection, its better to seek medical care as soon as possible, therefore; time is of the essence. Or else, the plastic surgeon could always blame you for not seeking treatment early enough.