Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Singapore: Reviews and Cost 2020

If you are looking to find the best plastic surgery clinic for your fat transfer breast augmentation procedure, you may wish to check out the cost and related reviews from customers who 'have been there, done that'.
fat transfer breast augmentation singapore

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a minimally invasive procedure that can be used to increase breast size.  If you have tried searching the web for fat transfer breast augmentation related information in Singapore, you have probably been overwhelmed by the information available online. The aim of this article is to provide you with essential useful information related to fat transfer breast enlargement procedure in Singapore.
The fat transfer breast augmentation method has 2 benefits:
  1. It reduces unwanted fat in areas such as your tummy, upper arms and love-handles.
  2. The fat is moved to enlarge your breasts.
Do note that slim ladies with a low fat % may not be suitable.
This procedure is virtually scarless, and there's a very short recovery period. You'll be able to return to work in 1 - 2 days, with the only discomfort being an aching sensation in the tummy area.

How much does Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Cost in Singapore?

Fat transfers to the breasts may cost around S$10,000 to S$15,000 per session while breast implants may cost approximately S$12,000 to S$18,000 in Singapore.

Do take note that fat transfer to the breasts basically involves 2 procedures i.e. liposuction and breast augmentation. Double check with your plastic surgeon on the total cost and the breakdown.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Reviews in Singapore

The latest nip/tuck trend: Recycling excess fat

Jan 2017 - Despite going to a plastic surgeon to increase her bust size by almost two cup sizes last year, 43-year-old housewife Ms Agnes Lim (not her real name) can claim that her newly enhanced breasts are all natural. Her boob job was carried out without the use of artificial implants.

Instead, about 1 litre of fat was extracted from her upper thighs and buttocks over two sessions to pad her breasts, originally a cup A size. The result, she said, is a “natural-looking”, fuller bustline and shapelier figure.

Ms Lim had silicone breasts implants for 12 years but removed them as they caused her backaches and some autoimmune issues.
Source: www.todayonline.com

Best Plastic Surgeon in Singapore (from SingaporeMotherHood Forum Thread)
I would love to do fat transfer, but emails exchanged with a few doctors say that only half will survive, very expensive and can't increase too much size.
Source: singaporemotherhood.com

Fat transfer to breast will be a good option if you are looking at adding a little volume to breast. But if large amount needed, implant is more long lasting. For your information , Fats can be absorb over the time after grafting.
Source: singaporemotherhood.com

Gals, I heard there is new fat transplant system made by Motiva - it seems the fat yield is much better than before. So if you are interested in fat transfer to breast, this might be a good time! its called Pure Graft by Motiva. I went to consult a plastic and he told me about it. Very interesting!!!
Source: singaporemotherhood.com forum

Breast augmentation - Dr Shens or Dr Colin Tham? 
(SingaporeMotherHood Forum Thread)

I did BA with Dr.Tan 1- Sloane / Dr. Tan : http://www.sloaneclinic.com/en-sg/aboutus/drtan.asp
Instead Of getting implants I did fat transfer to the breasts and DR. Tan did a great job! I had tuberous breasts and he was able to take fat from my saddlebags, lower back and tummy! I went from a 32A to a 32D. Highly recommended if you don't want a foreign object in your body and if you want to trim those fatty places on your body. Perfect for a Mommy makeover. Happy to upload photos, not sure if my post will get blocked.

Source: singaporemotherhood.com/forum/threads

The Advantages of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
  • Results look and feel very soft and natural. 
  • Non-saggy even without much support.
  • Can dramatically reshape the entire body. In addition to augmented the breasts, fat transfer breast augmentation provides the second benefit of body contouring. The liposuction that is used to harvest fat can dramatically reshape the body. This means you can get a new figure with a flatter tummy, slimmer thighs, and/or a more sculpted waistline in addition to larger breasts. 
  • Virtually scarless. Only tiny incisions are used through which fat is harvested and injected. 
  • No Implants. Avoids the risks associated with implants such as implant malposition, rupture, and capsular contracture. 
The Disadvantages of Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation
  • A limited degree of augmentation. Fat transfer breast augmentation can only produce up to a one cup size increase. Breast implants, in contrast, can produce a one, two, or even three or more increase in cup size. 
  • Not suitable for everybody especially those who are slim and without much fat.
  • The fat can be reabsorbed by the body. The best plastic surgeons perform fat transfer very carefully, so the survival of transferred fat is maximized. However, even in the best of hands, some of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed by the body. There is a small chance that a large percentage of the transferred fat will be reabsorbed, which can produce a less-than-desired enhancement or the need for multiple treatments. 
  • Does not lift the breast. Fat transfer cannot correct sagging breasts brought about by age, genetics, pregnancy, or weight loss. 
  • It could be more expensive. Because fat transfer breast augmentation is really like performing two procedures at once (liposuction plus breast augmentation).



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