9 tips on how to prevent your breasts from sagging early: Plastic surgeon

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1. A proper fitted bra will be the most reliable way to slow down breast aging.

According to Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic, a woman's best defence against sagging breasts is by wearing a well-fitted bra.

For women concerned that not wearing a bra to sleep may exacerbate sagging, Dr Tan puts those fears to rest: "There are some common misconceptions that sleeping without a bra causes breast sagging. Sleeping without a bra should not cause breasts to sag."

"It is definitely advisable for a female to wear a bra when she is up and about but not necessary when one is lying down. I will personally advise patients to sleep without one to take a break from prolonged pressure."

But Dr Tan says there are no scientifically-proven exercises at the moment that can help slow down the gravitational pull on your breasts.

Said Dr Tan: "Breast sagging is natural and inevitable. Breasts do not have muscles but instead fat, ligaments and breast tissue which means that when gravity knocks, the skin stretches and the breasts drop.

"On top of that, pregnancy, breastfeeding, ageing, weight gain or loss can cause breast changes.

2. Maintain a constant body weight

Weight gain associated with the consumption of alcohol and junk food can also cause stretching of the breast tissue. This is according to Dr Fardad Farouzanpour, who is plastic surgeon and founder of Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgical group. Dr Farouzanpour said in an interview with college website Her Campus that the accumulation of body fat will affect the breast tissues, thereby causing breasts to sag.

3. Do regular exercise

The right exercise routine helps to increase blood flow, which can keep your breasts pert, according to The Daily Mail. Exercise will also give you a sexier body shape!

4. Wear a proper sports bra for exercise

Dr Farouzanpour adds that a well-fitted sports bra is the key to maintaining breast firmness. He says that a supportive sports bra prevents stretching of the skin and ligaments. "Women with larger breasts [especially] should wear more supportive bras to prevent the breasts from bouncing while jogging."

5. Avoid the sun's rays

Who doesn't love a tan? As much as you do, you might not realise that the sun's rays are more harmful than you might think. For example, when UV light from the sun or a tanning bed rests on your delicate breasts, it burns the skin very fast. According to Her Campus, when you have a sunburn, the skin cells become damaged and elasticity is reduced. This causes early wrinkling of the tissue. Her Campus advises the application of sunscreen and covering up your breasts when sun tanning.

6. Develop the habit of eating healthily

According to the Livestrong Foundation, healthy eating and the intake of plenty of fluids helps "keep the connective tissue and skin healthy to help slow the signs of breast sagging". This is because a diet filled with vegetables and fruits contains antioxidants which are needed to maintain healthy skin.

7. Avoid or quit smoking

Do not pick up that cigarette! Dr Bahman Guyuron from Case Western Reserve University and University Hospitals of Cleveland said on Visual News that "smoking reduces collagen formation, causing collagen degradation and reduced skin circulation". He also explained that nicotine cause the thinning of our skin. When that happens, the skin loses its elasticity and cause breasts to sag.

8. Remove your bra whenever you can

You might be thinking that this point contradicts the first part of the article when it says that wearing a bra is the best method to prevent saggy breasts. Well, according to health website Teens Health, removing your bra when you sleep could be beneficial. Wearing a bra that is too tight could cause your breasts to be irritated and your sleep to be disrupted.

9. Wear a bra pillow at night

According to The Doctors television show, larger breasted women, who are a C-cup and above, should wear a bra pillow to decrease wrinkles on the breasts. The pillow is worn in between the breasts in order to keep the breasts tight for a longer period of time.

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