'My bargain boob job abroad left me with exploding breasts': Mother's horror after implants rip her skin open and nearly kill her

From Dailymail.co.uk -
  • Claire Hawker, 30, was desperate for bigger breasts as hers had 'sagged' 
  • Mother-of-two was recommended cosmetic surgeon in Prague by a friend  
  • Paid £4,000 for flights and surgery - but surgeon spoke little English  
  • Was still in excruciating pain a week after the op and noticed breast leaking 
  • At hospital, surgeons said implants were too big and had ripped the skin 
  • Without immediate removal, the infection raging in her body would kill her 
  • Later had repair surgery after appearing on TV show Botched Up Bodies 
Image via Dailymail.co.uk
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