Best plastic surgery in Singapore?

Based on our blog search keywords analytics, we have quite a number of people searching the above phrase. It’s a simple question but after sifting through the internet, it’s not something that we could answer specifically to.

If you were to Google the above phrase, this is the list of search results -

Best plastic surgery in Singapore
You will have a list of advertisements on top and the right column; and also a list of sites providing general information mixed with a list of plastic surgery clinics and surgeons.

So how do you decide which plastic surgery is the best? Ideally, the answers to this phrase would require further more specific questions e.g.: Are you referring to reconstructive plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery i.e. what procedures are you referring to?

The next question is how do we measure or quantify that? There is no established clinical performance metric to measure the competence of a particular plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon at the moment in Singapore, not that we know of. Even there is such a performance measurement system; the performance of a particular surgeon does vary from patient to patient as well as from time to time i.e. some surgeons perform better in the morning and some better in the afternoon. Further, a surgeon who is good in breast augmentation procedure may not be as good in eye-lid surgery procedure. An eye-lid surgery procedure is a more refined cosmetic surgery and a relatively younger cosmetic surgeon may be preferred. Do note that a cosmetic surgeon depends a lot on their eye-sight and sadly to say that the vision acuity of a human being normally deteriorates with age.

So before you decide, you may wish to read more about the procedure that you are interested. There is a good amount of educational information here at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You could check out their 3D cosmetic procedure animations -

We've also seen a rise in the number of people traveling abroad to have plastic surgery, especially Korea. The K-Pop popularity or looks may be tempting, but do remember that Cosmetic Surgery is a Real Surgery. Do it Right the First Time. Get the facts from a trusted source. Plastic surgery is best performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. You could go to this post to find a cosmetic surgeon near you - Plastic Surgeons in Singapore

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