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Breast augmentation surgery done outside US found dangerous
LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For many women who got breast augmentation outside the US, what was meant to make them feel beautiful became a ticking time bomb inside their bodies. Teresita Morales' breast implant ruptured and leaked into her chest wall.
Texas dentist who did tummy tucks, breast surgery guilty of Medicaid swindle ...
Fort Worth Star Telegram (blog)
A Laredo dentist with a penchant for performing illegal breast augmentation, and his wife, have pleaded guilty to submitting fake bills to Texas Medicaid, including "performing patient evaluations" while they were actually on trips to Hawaii and the US ... Chicago Plastic Surgeon on ASAPS Study and Most Popular Procedures
Healthcare Global (press release)
Liposuction was the most common procedure performed, having increased nearly 13% from the previous year, followed by breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, bleph…

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Plastic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok / Hatyai)
"Just wana show you guys an update of my eyes.. Today is the 5th day of my Double Eyelid & Epi,..
Just removed my stitches"

Korean singer admits getting nose
"While many Korean singers and actors have obviously undergone plastic and cosmetic surgeries on their teeth, eyes and nose when their before and after photos are compared, they would never admit publicly that they did go under the knife."

Plastic surgery in Thailand (Bangkok / Hatyai)
"Hi, my friend and i are going to bangkok soon to get a breast augmentation done. However, we were told by the surgeon that apart from sending in photos of our breasts, we need to send in full body pictures with our faces as well to get a more accurate consultation. Worst part: we have to take a video of our nipples going from soft to hard!  For those who have done boob jobs overseas before, is this the stand…