Double Eyelid Surgery: Top Singapore Bloggers Before and After Photos

If you are looking to find Singapore bloggers who have done double eyelid surgery, you are in the right place.

Singapore Doctors are strictly regulated by MOH’s PHMC (PRIVATE HOSPITALS AND MEDICAL CLINICS ACT) advertising guidelines. Clinics are NOT allowed to assure you of results, bring up past cases as references or use before/after photos. That's probably one of the reasons that bloggers' reviews and their personal experiences are in high demand by Singapore readers as doctors are not allowed to provide those information directly.

Anyway, here is the list below.

double eyelid surgery singapore

DoubleEyelidGirl.Blogspot.Com - Dr Andrew Tay Double Eyelid Review

25 yr old female blogger sharing her personal experience including the double eyelid surgery cost.

Personally, I am VERY insecure about my looks. So having a nice doctor is pretty important to me. I didn't want to deal with a doctor further criticising my looks. Plus, having a nice doc also puts you at ease :)
She also shared her results after 152 days post-surgery.

Double eyelid surgery Singapore
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RachellTan.Com - 
Dr Andrew Tay Double Eyelid Review

Female blogger in Singapore sharing her personal story with double eyelid surgery using stitching method.

I think I look more or less the same as I did before, except with double eyelids.The effect of the surgery is actually just like putting on double eyelid tapes as I used to do!Except now I won't have to put the tapes so it saves me timeeee!!! :) Love it!

SkinnyShortCake.Blogspot.Com - 
Dr Shen Double Eyelid Review

Another female blogger sharing her personal experience with non-incisional method of double eyelid surgery by DR Shenthilkumar Naidu from Cambridge Medical Group.

Hello there! This post is dedicated to all desperate (or non desperate) curious souls out there who are seeking more information about Non-Incisional (DST) method of Double Eyelid Surgery, I would LOVE to help you and will try to be as detailed as possible. (:
Double eyelid surgery Singapore review
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