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Best Plastic Surgeon in Singapore - 5 Things to Check before Getting your Plastic Surgery Done

If you are looking to find the best plastic surgeon in Singapore for your cosmetic surgery procedure, you are in the right place.

It's likely that you have a friend or you know of someone who has done it and you would just like to proceed with the same plastic surgeon. However, results and outcome of surgeries differ from one customer to another. Your friend might have gone for an unlicensed plastic surgeon and she might just got lucky with the outcome. Plastic surgery is not without risks. You just don't look for the cheapest deal and simple word of mouth referrals as there are local guidelines in Singapore that define who, what and where plastic surgery procedures can be and cannot be done in Singapore.

How do you proceed then?

#1: Research and Google “Plastic surgeons in Singapore”

You will get a list of search results and the top ones and the ones on the right column are advertisements. Bear in mind that the plastic surgeon's high ranking on page 1 and visible advertisemen…