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Liposuction news in Singapore - liposuction treatment can be done only in hospitals or clinics approved for day surgery

MOH cuts down on clinics offering liposuction
From The Straits Times - 3rd Nov 2014
SINGAPORE - Out of 29 clinics now offering liposuction, the removal of fat for aesthetic reasons, only nine will be allowed to continue doing so.

From March next year, liposuction treatment can be done only in hospitals or clinics approved for day surgery, under new Ministry of Health (MOH) rules to tighten control of this procedure and improve patient safety.

Liposuction has already led to at least two deaths here in the past five years.

In a statement issued yesterday, the MOH said: "As a highly invasive procedure, liposuction has been known to cause severe complications, including death. Hence, it should be carried out only by trained doctors in well-equipped and well-staffed facilities."

Under the new rules, the removal of more than one litre of fat from one spot will have to be done in a hospital as an inpatient treatment.

So will any liposuction for people with a body mass index (BMI) of 28 an…

9 tips on how to prevent your breasts from sagging early: Plastic surgeon

1. A proper fitted bra will be the most reliable way to slow down breast aging.

According to Dr Tan Ying Chien, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic, a woman's best defence against sagging breasts is by wearing a well-fitted bra.

For women concerned that not wearing a bra to sleep may exacerbate sagging, Dr Tan puts those fears to rest: "There are some common misconceptions that sleeping without a bra causes breast sagging. Sleeping without a bra should not cause breasts to sag."

"It is definitely advisable for a female to wear a bra when she is up and about but not necessary when one is lying down. I will personally advise patients to sleep without one to take a break from prolonged pressure."

But Dr Tan says there are no scientifically-proven exercises at the moment that can help slow down the gravitational pull on your breasts.

Said Dr Tan: "Breast sagging is natural and inevitable. Breasts do not have muscles but instead fat, ligaments and breast…

Plastic Surgeons in SGH (Singapore General Hospital) | SingHealth

Assoc. Prof. Tan Bien Keem
Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Lymphedema, Aesthetic

Prof. Lee Seng Teik

Sub-specialty: Congenital Abnormalities

Assoc. Prof. Foo Chee Liam

Sub-specialty: Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic

Prof. Tan Kok Chai

Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic

Dr. Ng Siew Weng

Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Burns, Lymphedema

Dr. Ong Yee Siang

Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic, Burns

Dr. Mohamed Zulfikar Rasheed

Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic

Visiting Consultants
Dr. Sng Wei Ee, Karen

Sub-specialty: Cleft & Craniofacial Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery

Prof. Colin Song

Sub-specialty: Cranio-maxillofacial Surgery, Aesthetic
Update: Has moved to Mt Elizabeth Novena Specialist centre #10-31.

Dr. Wong Chin Ho

Sub-specialty: Reconstructive Microsurgery, Aesthetic, Burns

Contact for Enquiry:
Telephone contact number (no.): 6321 4377, 63264600 (Appt), 6326 6400

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